I see a lot of divorces. I see a lot of breakups. I see a lot of people who have no clue of who they are; do you know who you are? I also saw so many people, including myself, struggling to get through that last phase of grad school (searching for an intern site), as well has the life after graduation (dun dun dun dunnn). I did a lot of self reflection, searching, and asking others. I have learned, at this particular stage in my life, that I need help. Possibly, we all need help for that matter. So that is the purpose for my blog. I could not reach out to every grad student who is struggling to find site, or felt that their program did not answer all of the important questions. I could not direct message every person that is struggling in their relationship to offer support-I get asked for advice on the daily.
This blog is for you. It also for me-to help me in my growth as a therapist and a person always searching for a better tomorrow. Enjoy.