Dating while Married

I know this title may have caught you off guard; maybe that was my intention. Let me ask you this, married people: when was the last time you dated your spouse? When was the last time you actually planned a date with your spouse? The great thing about a marital bond, is you know there…Read more »

The fate of a 50/50 relationship

Have you ever heard someone say that relationship ships are 50/50? Have you said it? If so, please stop. The notion that relationships like this equate success, is absurd-let me tell you why. For starters, it is simple math, which unlocks the key to the rest of this post. 50 is half of 100…..ooohhh, did…Read more »

Who are you?

Is that really important? Actually, it is. One must know thyself in order to know their path, their calling and heir passions. But that is not the only thing holding us back on pursuing dreams. You often hear someone say “I wish I was that bold,” or “I’m too old to start over.” I can…Read more »