Thank you for visiting my site. It is a work in progress, much like myself. At this current time, I am a Marriage and Family Therapist post grad, working in a field that brings me much joy. My hope is to transition in a private practice in 3 years or so, when we settle. We are a military family that has traveled all over. I met my husband while I was still serving, and we have a made a great life for our family, thus far. My favorite things are coffee, books, and seeing lives that I have helped change.

I am from Baton , Louisiana and shared the grand passion of everything seafood, until I became vegan. I am always on a new journey in life, as I am trying to be the best version of myself. My goal, with this site, is to bring inspiration to couples (married, dating, etc.). In addition, I would like to offer advice, experience and hope to future therapist, as this field can be a roller coaster. Be on the lookout for constant updates, as my life is a whirlwind, and I am learning to allow it to lead me.