Who Are You Loving Anyways?

When talking to clients, one thing I’ve often seen is their struggle to understand their partner. Honestly, I think at some point we all may have been there. Have you are your partner ever said “You don’t really know me?” See, there’s this crazy notion that love is fluid-and it’s not, especially in relationships. You don’t go lovin’ one person the same way you loved your “last” person. Love does not work like that. If you are loving your new/current partner the way you are loving your ex, then who are you loving anyways? You are too busy trying to love rather than learning how to love.

One of the greatest things you can do for your relationship is taking time to learn the person you with and not just loving the person you are with. To be truly in love takes time and not something that happens overnight. If you break up with person A in May and you are in love with person B by August, then are you carrying that love from one person to the next, and whose love is your partner receiving?

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