Forced Fusion

We are at a time where we are forced to be still. People have their opinions about why this happened, how it’s affecting us, how it could have been avoided blah blah blah. Fact is….we are here.

We are forced to be still. In a world where we are usually busy working, hanging out with friends, getting our kids ready for school tomorrow, laundry, etc., we have been forced to slow down. During this slow time what are you catching up on in your relationships? Have you discovered what has been missing or what areas need to be enhanced? Are you paying attention to the child that you were too busy to listen to before because you had to work and were overly stressed yourself? Are you listening to your body and taking better care of it?

There is a lot of devastation right now and it easy to get caught up in all the negatives. But look at the blessing which is this reset that many of us has been offered. Life will resume back to normal before you know it. You will be back busy, if not busier playing catch up. But take this time to play catch up as well…in your homes. Heal those wounds. Speak life and love back into your relationship. Have those hard but necessary conversations that you have been avoiding.

The world told us to stop but I say Go! Pour your time, love and dedication into those you are fused with. Ensure that when things are back to normal, you can transition easily knowing that home is in a solid place.

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