Our Relationship with Fear

I have this little book with all of the things I would like to accomplish. They say in order to live out your dreams, you have to see them on paper and get them out of that safe place (in your head). Well, first of all, I do not know who “they” is, second, writing them out does not always help. True, keeping your dreams and goals in your head (protected space is what I call it) can drastically reduce the chance of putting those goals into fruition. But I have learned that writing them down does not always get you closer. What gets you closer, is the actually putting in the work. So why do not we put in the work? I know one reason why, her name is fear. Why is fear a she you may wonder? I can only speak of for me, a woman. Here are some reasons that we live in fear:

1. We (women) are very protective of their families and rather be safe than take big risks that may put their family finances in jeopardy.
2. It is easier to never start than be told no and fail.
3. We often don’t believe in ourself and capabilities. We fill our heads with “who will listen, what do I have to offer, what if I am not good enough?” (I have been guilty of these self-deprecating statements).
4. We allow society to distinguish what our place is.

While some of those statements may be true, also understand what comes with being fearful.
1. Never living up to your true self.
2. Always wondering “what if.”
3. Giving in to the narrative.

Don’t give in to the narrative. It is better to be told no, or to have tried and failed, than to never try at all. Keep this in mind: 409 got its name because it (took the two scientists that created it) 409 times to get it right. Fear is an illusion, do not give it life.

What fear have you had to overcome?

Note: The statements above are solely the opinion of the author.

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