Gray Is A Place

So I have a confession, I love the color gray, or grey-depending on where you live. People say why gray, “it’s a boring color,” or its dull and blah blah blah. Those often are the very ones who believe, it is either black or white and no in between. Those people are often referred to as “absolutes.” Absolutes believe there is either and or. Well, my rebuttal to that is: there is this word I love-resilient. Resilience is the “overcoming of,” “pushing through,” “beating the odds,” and not giving up. Gray is a place to me, and should be to you, because it’s where you find your true colors, where your light begins to become more clear. Gray is a place where you regroup, re-strategize, and discover new meaning. Gray is a place of reflection, where you learn and grow from your mistakes, and/or failures, in or to redeem further success. If this world was absolute, then why mix the two colors together? Uncertainty is normal and healthy; you don’t have to pretend to have it together.

Life does not always go according to plan. We fail, life changes and so do our goals. Relationships that were supposed to last-didn’t, we lose our jobs- I can go on and on. Don’t feel bad about being uncertain; go to your gray place and rediscover your color. Gray is where the magic happens and your life begins to flourish.