Dating while Married

I know this title may have caught you off guard; maybe that was my intention. Let me ask you this, married people: when was the last time you dated your spouse? When was the last time you actually planned a date with your spouse? The great thing about a marital bond, is you know there is a great chance that your spouse will be (physically) there when you get home. What what about emotionally though? We get so settled, and caught up perfecting other areas in our lives, that we forget about the core. Healthy emotional attachment is of of the many keys to a successful relationship-and with that, is consistently dating. Below you will read a few important tips about dating:

-Keep it consistent. Plan for every third Saturday night, every two weeks, or what fits your schedule, as long as you stick to that date.

-Mix it up. By exploring different things , you may learn some things about your partner that you never knew. It doesn’t have to be a movie night all the time. Some other options could bowling, dancing lessons, or working out together.

-Have fun! Need I say more?

Consistent dating your spouse is not about spending money or simply getting dinner. It is about displaying your commitment to continuous relational growth. Also, it emphasizes that no matter how crazy life gets with work, school, and kids, we won’t forget to put as much love and effort into each other, as we do all other entities in our life.

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