The fate of a 50/50 relationship

Have you ever heard someone say that relationship ships are 50/50? Have you said it? If so, please stop. The notion that relationships like this equate success, is absurd-let me tell you why.

For starters, it is simple math, which unlocks the key to the rest of this post. 50 is half of 100…..ooohhh, did you catch that? Yes, folks, 50 is only half, so how is one giving half of their self and expecting a complete and fulfilled relationship? This is extremely impossible. What is possible, however, is a relationship that will end in failure. We put our ALL into our children, career, and even school, so why are our relationships different? You don’t divide duties in a relationship, no one says “Well, I’ll give you half of my loyalty, and you give half of yours.” That sounds ridiculous saying it, right? Matter of fact, how about this:

1. Get a piece of paper and pencil.

2. Draw a half circle, look at it for a moment.

That represents 50%, leaving the circle looking similar to the letter c. So your half circle, allows space for outside influences to come in and interfere (e.g., family, jealous friend, ex). Now add the other half of the circle, this is what completion looks like. When you give your whole self, 💯, outside influences are non existent!

Remember, relationships, especially marriages, aren’t 50-50. But you know what is- divorce. Divorce rates are every on of two. Control your narrative, give your all, not half, and watch the flower blossom.

2 Replies to “The fate of a 50/50 relationship”

  1. You touch on some very good points. Marriage is work and it takes the “whole” to make it work. Who wants half of the truth? You are not giving your all if you only put toward 50%. Love this!

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    1. People often feel that if you do half, I will do have. But if you both are only giving half of yourselves, then how will it become whole, and where are you giving the other half of yourself to?


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