I see a lot of divorces. I see a lot of breakups. I see a lot of people who have no clue of who they are; do you know who you are? I also saw so many people, including myself, struggling to get through that last phase of grad school (searching for an intern site), as well has the life after graduation (dun dun dun dunnn). I did a lot of self reflection, searching, and asking others. I have learned, at this particular stage in my life, that I need help. Possibly, we all need help for that matter. So that is the purpose for my blog. I could not reach out to every grad student who is struggling to find site, or felt that their program did not answer all of the important questions. I could not direct message every person that is struggling in their relationship to offer support-I get asked for advice on the daily.
This blog is for you. It also for me-to help me in my growth as a therapist and a person always searching for a better tomorrow. Enjoy.

Published by KSaloneCoach

Kasey is a Relationship Coach that specializes in couples who struggle with communication, intimacy and boundaries in their relationships. With a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, she has learned how to work with complex systems and understand the profound effect of collaboration. Kasey has helped hundreds of people work through their challenges, and enhance their relationships. Not just through her education, but as a United States Navy Veteran, Kasey has traveled the world and experienced first hand the various ways that love is communicated. Also through her military service, Kasey learned the core values of honor, courage and commitment, and has applied it to her businesses and relationships. She believes that the client is the expert on their own lives and success is the result of client willingness and the relationship with the coach. Her goal is to create loving, lasting and cohesive relationships-no matter where you are in your journey. Kasey and her husband, a 21 year servicember the United States Navy, have been married for 12 years, have 3 children, a dog, and tons of memories from their various duty stations. Kasey’s new podcast A Melanated Mess, will be available in July. Also she has written for Queens Uniting, a non profit organization and Military Spouse Behavioral Health Clinicians (MSBHC). You can find Kasey on Instagram and Facebook @ksalonecoach. She recently completed her first relationship e-workbook, 5 Senses of Love, which is available on her website www.ksalone.com.

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